It is our ambition that by 2022, all our classes are low pay/no pay. However, until then we do have to charge fees.

We are a non-profit and where possible charge at cost.

We need to pay our tutors, staff and suppliers in a timely manner, and therefore respectfully ask that class fees and other charges are paid by deadlines.

Fees are due on or before the first class of term.

Invoices are available in your online account 7 or more days before the start of the new term - you have 24/7 access to your online account through our parent portal when you sign up for a class. Invoices (or a statement if you have prepaid or are on a bursary) will also be sent by email the week of the new term. An annual paper statement is sent out in summer. If you start mid way into a term, an invoice will be sent after your second try out day and only if you have confirmed acceptance of a place.

Split payments; Class fees can be spilt over up to 4 payments each term. See below for details.

Tickets for shows: Tickets for theatre company shows vary in price. All cast must buy a minimum of 2 tickets per show at the cast only advanced rate of £10per ticket. This is added to your bill at the start of the term. Additional tickets are then purchased through the theatre box office.

Scholarships: When available, they are 50% reduction, or full (100%) reduction subject to a sponsor and the criteria met by the applicant.

All scholarship theatre company students pay a costume/show contribution fee of £15 (Christmas show) and £25 (summer show). In addition they must purchase a minimum of two tickets at cast rates (£10 per ticket) for each show in line with all other cast.

Dance scholarships cover class fees only, and costumes and competition fees/travel will need to be funded by the dancer.

Sibling Discount: Almost all the classes offer sibling discounts of at least 10% - please see individual class descriptions for details.

Exams: Exams are charged at cost, and are optional. For solo or duo this varies by exams board and grade being taken. On average £45-£100 per exam. For group exams (junior school) this is usually £12-18 per exam. Scholarships do not cover exam fees.

Free Workshops - we try to gain sponsors to offer as many free events as possible - this includes workshops and full summer/holiday events. Please check the newsletter and emails for the upcoming free events - current students always have a priority booking window.

Withdrawing from class - We hope you will be with us until your child is too old to come any more! But should you wish or need to withdraw, as per our terms and conditions, we require 6 weeks notice (or more) during term time, in writing to withdraw from a class or course. Please email registration@artemis-studios.co.uk by half term to ensure you aren’t charged a fee for the following term.

Failure to give written notice in time will mean a fee of 6 weeks in lieu of notice in line with out terms and conditions of registration.

Please note - verbally mentioning a change to a tutor in class, a child mentioning they may change or leave or simply not attending the following term is not considered notice. We must ask for notice to the head office in writing so as a small company we can plan resources in advance and ensure we can pay staff and suppliers.


We want to make it as easy and painless as possible for you to budget and pay class and other fees. With this in mind we have various options for settling:

Full or monthly payment by bank transfer, standing order, Direct Debit, Childcare Vouchers, Childcare Tax vouchers.

To pay with a card please contact the office. Card payment is only accepted for class fees due to heavy charges.

Our bank info:

HSBC - Artemis Studios
Acc: 02110385
Sort: 40-31-05

To pay by childcare vouchers: EY547126 (most providers) Edenred: P20655939

Tax Free Childcare - please visit the HMRC site and look up Artemis Studios.

You have access to our parent portal 24/7. You can view statements, download information, change personal info such as phone numbers and medical or SEN details. To log in to your personal account:

Use your email address as your user name. Ask the system to reset your password. Only you and the system know this and you can re-set at any time.

Split Payments

You can split any invoice for class fees over the course of a term or a year if you are happy to commit for a full academic season. We are happy to offer this credit arrangement as it can make budgeting much less of a nightmare!

Additional invoices for competitions fees, uniform, show tickets etc WON’T be covered by the spilt payments unless agreed in advance - so please do speak to the office about what we can include.

Winter term: Payments in Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec (to be clear by 20th December unless on an annual plan)

Spring: Payments Jan, Feb, March, April (to be clear by 14th April unless on an annual plan)

Summer: Payments May. June, July, Aug (to be fully clear by 20th August).

To pay on a payment plan - please email payments@artemis-studios.co.uk when your invoice arrives. Tell us what you want to include (if you want to cover a year of fees, or just one term), what dates you will pay, how much, and what method (Direct Debit, BACS, Childcare vouchers).

If you would like a direct debit we will set this up for you and send a link. You add your bank info (only you and the bank see this) and click approve. Then it starts on the date you specified.

Unpaid Fees

If you run into difficulty - please contact the office as soon as possible to avoid fees or chasing emails.

Where possible we will always try to help. Please do not ignore invoices - it may result in your child being removed for their class.

Charges for unpaid fees

These charges were reviewed and revised in August 2019 and come into effect on 1st September 2019.

All invoices have a grace period of one week after term starts. Fees are due in full, or a split payment arrangement agreed on or by the first day of term or your first class if you join midway into a term. If by the seventh day after being invoiced you have not made a payment, or contacted the office to arrange split payments - we will need to contact you to chase.

  • In the first instance: no fee is charged.

  • On the second week: if no attempt has been made to settle—and you have not emailed or called to let us know what is happening—a charge of £5 will be made. This covers the cost of chasing you and sending additional invoices.

  • On the third week: another letter will be sent to you and an additional £5 charged.

  • By the end of week four: if no payment is made and no reply given to requests for payment, we will need to consider removing your student from their class as a last resort.

Please note: we will not be able to offer split payments, unless in exceptional circumstances, to anyone who has not contacted the office to arrange in advance by the second week of term.

Split payments

This is an agreement to pay. In the event you will miss a payment - contact us beforehand if possible and we can arrange a catch up with you and avoid charging you any late fee. We appreciate sometimes things don’t go to plan - and we have no wish to embarrass you!

If you skip a payment (for example a bounced Direct Debit) and no explanation is received, or you ignore emails/letters concerning this, a £25 charge will be added to your bill.

If at the end of the term or year, a substantial amount remains outstanding, and you have not kept to agreed plans, or ignored all requests for payment, we may have to recover the money in Small Claims Court. This is an absolute last resort. Court fees and interest will be added to your bill.