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Junior Cheer - Free workshops!


Junior level cheer summer school and tryouts for the 2019/2020 season team!

Come for fun - or come to try out!

These morning sessons are at Pinewood Gymnastics Club - where our team train (one of two locations).

This summer event is suitable for children and teens aged 9-13.

This is Level One Cheer.

The morings can be done one by one - or you can book all four!

The class includes stunts, tumbling (gymnastics) and dance.

Taught by the Head Coach Gemah Sanger and her assistants - it will keep you fit and busy!

You dont need experience - justy be keen to join in and learn new skills!

If you are 14+ - or currently a gymnast or cheerleader working at Level 2-4 - book our senior session instead :-)

***Recent wins:****

Regional Champions Co-ed Level 2 and 4!

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Co-ed Level 2 and 4!

We have two main teams, 8 stunt teams and are starting a Senior Level One team in autumn!

QUESTIONS? Let us help!

Head coach: