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A Christmas Carol

  • Garth Hill College Bull Lane Bracknell (map)
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Glitter, Music and Comedy Galore!

Artemis Studios presents A Christmas Carol. A jolly holiday show suitable for all the family, with music. laughter, and a whole company of characters you didn't even know were in the story!

A bespoke version of this classic story, written for Artemis Medusa, Junior & Apollo Theatre Companies.

On Christmas Eve, in 19th Century London, Charles Dickens and his friends act as narrators in the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a surly money-lender, who does not share the merriment of Christmas. Scrooge rejects his nephew Fred's invitation to Christmas dinner, dismisses two gentlemen's collecting money for charity. His loyal employee Bob Cratchit and the other bookkeepers request to have Christmas Day off, and since there will be no business for Scrooge on the day, he reluctantly agrees. Scrooge leaves for home while the bookkeepers celebrate Christmas. In his house, Scrooge encounters the ghosts of his late business partners Jacob and Robert Marley, who warn him to repent his wicked ways or he will condemned in the afterlife like they were, informing him that three spirits will visit him during the night.

At one o'clock, Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past who takes him back in time to his childhood and early adult life, Dickens and friends hitching a ride too. They visit his lonely school days, and then his time as an employee under Fozziwig, who owned a rubber chicken factory. Fozziwig and his mother throw a Christmas party, Scrooge attends and meets a young woman named Belle, whom he falls in love with. However, the Ghost shows Scrooge how Belle left him when he chose money over her. A tearful Scrooge dismisses the Ghost as he returns to the present.

At two o'clock, Scrooge meets the merry Ghost of Christmas Present who shows him the joys and wonder of Christmas Day. Scrooge and the Ghost visit Bob's house, learning his family is surprisingly content with their small dinner, Scrooge taking pity on Bob's ill son Tiny Tim. The Ghost of Christmas Present abruptly ages, commenting that Tiny Tim will likely not survive until next Christmas. Scrooge and the Ghost go to a cemetery, where the latter fades away, informing Scrooge that the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come will arrive shortly. A fog fills the cemetery, revealing the third Ghost, who appears as a silent cloaked figure. While Dickens and friends abandon the audience to avoid being scared, the Ghost takes Scrooge into the future.

Scrooge and the Ghost witness a group of businessmen discussing the death of an unnamed colleague where they would only attend the funeral if lunch is provided. In a den, Scrooge recognises his charwoman, his laundress, and the local undertaker trading several stolen possessions of the deceased to a fence named Old Joe. The Ghost transports Scrooge to Bob's house, discovering Tiny Tim has died. Scrooge is escorted back to the cemetery, where the Ghost points out his own grave, revealing Scrooge was the man who died. Realizing this, Scrooge decides to change his ways.

Awakening in his bedroom on Christmas Day, Scrooge decides to surprise Bob's family with a turkey dinner, and ventures out with Dickens and host of new friends to spread happiness and joy around London. Scrooge goes to the Cratchit house, at first putting on a stern demeanor, but reveals he intends on raising Bob's salary and pay off his mortgage. Dickens narrates how Scrooge became a secondary father to Tiny Tim, who escaped death. Scrooge, the Cratchits, and the neighborhood celebrate Christmas.

SATURDAY 10TH DECEMBER, 7PM. One performance only! Programmes are free. There will be a hot and cold drinks bar, cake sale and raffle for bring some change!

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