Henry's Arabian Nights

Artemis Summer Show 2011 – Full Scale Musical

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Friday, 15 July, 2011 to Sunday, 17 July, 2011
Henry's Arabian Nights poster

In days of old when Knights were bold - princesses tried not to get their heads chopped off!

Join us in the Tudor court, where a bored and slightly spoiled King Henry will be entertained by traditional stories (from Arabian Nights) by each of his wives. Who will have her head chopped off and who will be Queen Supreme?

Featuring a huge cast of characters including King Henry and his six wives, Henry's council, Ladies in waiting, Jesters, Henry's Cat, Bessie Blout, Aladdin and many many more! A family friendly comedy musical.

Involving all our Triple Threat Students, Medusa and Dance majors it is a full scale musical where everyone gets to shine! Performed at the Kenton Theatre in Henley. Save the dates in your diary now :-)

Dress rehearsals in the theatre: 13th & 14th July, shows 15, 16, 17th July 2011 More details to follow when the show is announced!