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Sunday, 11 July, 2010

From January until June 2010 we will be making two films instead of one theatre show (there will still be plenty of live performances don't worry!) Artemis has a strong history of student based films.

Starring Triple Threat and Medusa students, this fabulous project is being written by Holby City and BBC writer Daren Thomas (for Medusa) and one other guest writer (for Triple Threat) especially for our students - more details to follow soon!

The films (one for triple threat and one for the older Medusa students) will be rehearsed from January (along with film and television acting classes) throughout spring term.

It will be shot on location from Summer term (Saturday classes will still be at the usual times and location - there may be the odd day off site).

To watch previous shorter films made by Artemis students - check out our videos page. We have been shooting student films for 5 years now (we like to be local innovators!), not all are on there, but more will be uploaded soon!

The finished movie will premiere for friends and family in a local cinema as part of a mini Artemis Film Festival which will also feature movies made by the students in their own time. As always - outreach will take place in local schools who will be offered free workshops by Medusa in film acting technique (with help from our tutors!). The movie will show on the penultimate week of term, and the last weekend class (17th July) will be a fun guest workshop in each class.

We felt that there was so much scope for our students to perform in the theatre - but little practice for TV work - which is where most of them gain professional paid work - so we are spending two terms looking at this genre - including workshops in fight skills, make up, working with real casting directors and more! This will really give them the edge.

Triple threat will still spend time looking at all three disciplines (Dance, Drama, Music) to keep them a real Triple Threat! Medusa will also still work toward outside stage work - such as the work they are doing for Marvellous in 2010. A busy year!

Show times are as follows:

12.45 - 'The Trial Of Goldilocks', 'Its Okay', 'The Bits in between'.
13.45 - 'The Trial Of Goldilocks', 'Its Okay', 'The Bits in between' & 'Undiscovered Country' (PG!)
14.45 - 'The Trial Of Goldilocks', 'Its Okay', 'The Bits in between' & 'Undiscovered Country' (PG!)

Tickets are £6 - Cast go free.

Venue: 21 South St Arts Centre, Reading Booking forms have been available since may and spare copies are available in reception.

All tickets MUST be booked and paid for in advance!

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