We would like to say thank you to our students who tell friends about us! 

To show our appriciation - we offer a rewards system for recommendations as follows: 

The figures below are the rewards rates, per new student valid from January 1st 2019 - July 2019.

Little Actors - £10

Junior Theatre Company Intermediates - £60** (Special rate for spring 2019 - 10 spaces available)

Junior Theatre Company and Medusa Theatre Company - £50

Artemis College - £100

Xtreme Cheer - full member £30, probationary member £15

Elite Cheer - full member £60 (only full members places available from July 2019)

Phoenix JV's - full member £20, probationary member £10

Phoenix Seniors - full member £50** (only full member places available) Special rate for spring 2019 - 5 spaces available

Rouge Jazz - £10 (only full members places available). 

College Summer School (16-19's, fundable students only for the reward) £50


Terms and Conditions:

Your friend must tell us on their form when they try-out that you sent them to us.

They must be offered and accept a place for a full term (if joining at the start of term) or 12 consecutive weeks if they start part way through a current term, and pay their fees in full. They still qualify for two weeks free trial classes. If they join, they will be enrolled and invoiced from their third week, and you wil be given your reward when they complete their 12th week as an enrolled student.

Once their invoice for the 12 weeks is clear, you can choose to either be paid a cash commission, select new uniform items, or have the amount deducted from your own fees in the following term.