Competitive all-girl Hip Hop and Street Crew

Phoenix are currently an all-girl crew (this could change if any boys out there can keep up!). They were regional and national Champions for three years, and regained their titles in 2018).

They compete three times a season, and appear at other dance events and community platforms. The average age is 13, but we have dancers who are as young as 10 and old as 15 in the crew.

The 2020 season will be taught and choreographed by Gemah Sanger - our Head of Dance who has led the team to their victories in the past.


Who is it for?

Dancers aged at least 10 - who want to attend regional and national events. Absolute beginners are unlikely to be taken on unless they have a raw talent we can develop. The team have been National and Regional champions for years running and want to re-claim their titles and add new ones in the upcoming season. They mainly compete in Junior Divisions, but subject to the age of members of the group in January 2020, may also compete as Seniors at some events.

We have a limit of 2 probationer places on the crew - these are dancers who train with the team - but do not appear at competitions (but do appear at local festivals and events).

The team are dedicated, and in 2020 will work harder than ever to get back their titles!


£112.50 per term (usually 12 weeks)

Competitions fees:

These vary - usually between £16 and £35 per event (at least 3 a year). Parents who want to watch/support also need to purchase event tickets (£10-25 per event).

Costume: A custom team costume is made each season. This is £40 and purchased through the school shop.


Most events are a 90 minute drive or much less (Guildford, London, Reading. Brighton) to get to, and many families car share. The ‘big’ competition in July - the F.C Internationals is in Bournemouth and may have a very early call time (7am) and some parents stay in a hotel. Please factor this in when budgeting for the class.


Main rehearsals are term time.

Thursday 6.30-8pm, Birch Hill.


The team will attend at least 3 Sunday sessions (one before any big competition) and may be asked to attend for sessions in half term holidays for top up rehearsals if needed. Parents will have at least a 12 week notice of additional rehearsals.

Thursday sessions may be extended to 8.30pm in the run up to the International competition in July.

Competitions for the 2020 Season

TBC. Will likely include the following:

BCA Brighton (spring)

UDO Reading (summer)

BCA Guildford (summer)

FC Bournemouth (summer)


Term Dates

Past Shows and Events

Upcoming Shows