Baanji Muteo - Blanc Canvas Dance Company

Associate Dance Director - Hip Hop

Baanji is an extremely versatile and adaptive young dance creator and performer with promise as an arts director, proven by working in and with established and accomplished organisations companies in the arts industry.

Also a passionate young artist with a charismatic, exciting style who can command dedication from others, as well as creating an environment where there is mutual respect between teacher and learner.This together with a professional approach to the arts, and with the ability to create a healthy working environment sets Baanji comfortably on his way to being the successful artist he strives to become.

Together with the pervious training and teaching experience, Baanji has over 8 years experience as a dance performer, choreographer and teacher within urban styles.These extend across various professional companies and organisations such as Avant Garde Dance, one of the UK’s leading companies in cross over dance now touring nationally, artistically lead byTonyAdigun. PPL Dance Company,Company GOTH,NoCoYouth

Dance as well as being the first generation graduate from East London Dance’s FI.ELD (Future Innovators of East London Dance) programme in 2013.

Baanji co-owns and runs professional dance company