Yasmin Kabir

Junior Theatre Company Choreographer

Yasmin Kabir is a dance and culture graduate (BA) with a passion for teaching dance.

She gained her first teaching job aged 13, established her own company aged 16, and received her first award for teaching dance aged 18. 

Since then Yasmin has been learning and experiencing as many dance styles as she can, and now has a large repertoire to teach from.

Yasmin is an energetic, dynamic teacher, who thrives in getting the best out of her students.

Yasmin has achieved many projects throughout her dance career so far, including, directing music videos and directing theatre productions. She has also raised money for charities and campaigns through benefit dance performances.

Yasmin took over as choreographer for Junior Theatre Company on Saturdays from September 2015. She is also part of summer schools and holiday workshops. 

BA Dance