Nathan Foad

Acting Coach

Nathan graduated from the Guildford School of Acting with a First Class BA (Hons) in Acting. In addition to performing, he is also a writer (currently for E4) with a great passion for creating new work.

Recently he finished a run of his third co-written play for HookHitch Theatre company. His absolute passion is comedy and he writes his own original sitcom and sketch material. He has several years of teaching experience. His training as an actor alloweds him to provide his students with a strong grounding in acting technique - he works with a lot of traditional Stanislavskian techniques but I also loves to challenge students to engage physically with their work.

He is well trained in Commedia dell'arte and clowning and feels it is vital for students to work from a physical foundation as well as a textual one. When he directs, he urges actors to push their choices to the absolute limit until they are verging on ridiculous, in order that they might fully understand the upper limits of their capabilities.

He is excited by young actors and their ability to explore and play. He has a very personable and warm approach to teaching. In his experience, young performers are often far more responsive to someone who they feel understands them and provides them with a mutual respect. Of course, maintaining a professional relationship is vital, and reaching students on a personal, individual level is the key to helping them achieve their full potential. 

Nathan wil be resident with us until September 2015 when he leaves us to write for Chanel 4. He will return for summer school and special workshops. 

BA (Hons) First Class - Acting