Gemah Sanger

Dance Director

Gemah is Director of Dance at Artemis Studios, and also Head Coach of both our Cheer squads (she has more than 20 years experience as a Cheerleader and has won multiple times at World level).

As a dance teacher, her Artemis Hip Hop junior team were National Champions for three consecutive years. She recently won an award for her commitment to her students and was recognised with a Pride Of Bracknell award.

Gemah comes from a creative family of professional TV writers and radio producers, and in her spare time she writes horror films and practices as a special effects make up artist, specialising in wounds. In school holidays she works on feature films - most recently as a continuity person for Dr Strange. She also appears in film and television as a walk on artist. Her parents run a wonderful bird and animal sanctuary in Cornwall - worth a visit if you find yourself near Bodmin this summer! 

USASF + NCSSE - Master Cheer Tutor
Theatre Studies A Level
Performing Arts Diploma
ABRSM Singing Grade 6
IDTA Presidents Awards - Disco, Jazz, Freestyle, Ballroom and Latin American
Level 6 Cheer Stunting (BCA)
Uscreen Trainer
BGU Cheer and Gym Coach