Welcome back to Autumn at Artemis!

Hello Everyone! 

Our new term starts next week - and we have some info to share before we start. A full newsletter will be emailed out later this week.

Please take 5 mins to read this email - and if you have any questions drop us a line :-) 


We have a shiny new website - www.artemis-studios.co.uk please do have a look around. It has all the key info on it (so if you are out and about and need term dates etc, they are always to hand). We are still adding more pages, so check back for updates :-) It is our aim that it will be a one-stop shop for parents with info for our trianing Theatre Companies and Dance Companies, but also articles and other resources. There is also an introduction to staff - including new members and old!


We have submit paperwork to move in from being non-profit to a full charity. It is our hope and goal that as soon as possible we will become a low pay/no pay school - so every child or young person who wants to do classes can without financial restriction. We will be announcing our board shortly. If you or your company would be interested in becoming a sponsor or donating to help us cut fees as soon as possible - please get in touch. Our first goal is a reduction in fees by 50% on all classes - but this will mean a lot of funding and fundraising is needed. In the event we hit target - our existing members would immediately benefit from the reductions, and then new students would be welcome to apply for any remaining discounted places. But current Artemis members will always get first benefit - your loyalty is appreciated greatly! 

Parent Portal

It is really important we have up to date info for all our students - including phone numbers, emails and medical concerns. If you could please spend 2 minutes on your account - to double check and if needed update your personal info that would be very helpful. 

To login, click the link below, and use your email address as the user name. If you have lost your password - simply ask for another (reset) and you will be back in to the system in minutes. 



We will send a paper invoice/statement out later this week with a Newsletter, as well as an email version of both. If you would like to check your balance before then - you can see everything in the Parent Portal. If you need or want to set up split payments, please email the office before the end of the first week of term - we will then be able to start payments in September - and stretch up to December if preferred. 

Full info on billing - including split payment plans can be found here: FEES

Events and shows

We have a PACKED 2020 coming up! Each class has it's own set of shows and events. They will all be shown online - you can filter in the class sections, or browse all of them. Of course each class will also have hand outs and emails with greater detail. The first week back is also the chance to try new things - so if you are an actor with a burning ambition to join our award winning cheer teams (with a new one opening next week), or a dancer who would like to tread the boards onstage with 'Elf' at Christmas and 'Beauty and the Beast' in the Wilde Theatre in Summer (and National Theatre Connections in Spring in Oxford if you are 15+)- let us know! As existing Artemis students - you get the same two week free tryout for a new class, but in some cases a multi class and or sibling discount too. 

Contacts at a glance:

School: 01344 429403 College: 01333 288090

1. Cheer, Jazz or Hip Hop: Gemah Sanger Gemah@artemis-studios.co.uk

2. Saturday Theatre Companies: Elf the Musical/Beauty and the Beast (any show or audition questions): Rosie Hill Rosie@artemis-studios.co.uk

3. General help needed: info@artemis-studios.co.uk

4. Invoice or payments: Payments@artemis-studios.co.uk

5. College questions: Rosie.hill@artemis.college (current students) or Niki.robinson@artemis.college (future enquiries).

6. Refer a friend (we give commission for referrals!) registration@artemis-studios.co.uk

And finally!

We have 2 spaces left on the Disney 2020 trip. There is a website dedicated to the event - if you would like to talk about it - please contact the office asap! 

We look forward to seeing everyone next week (first class is on Weds 11th - with Artemis Rogues Senior Jazz, followed by Artemis Elite Senior Cheer).

Warm wishes,

Team Artemis