LAMDA results 2017

From 9th December (session one)

We are celebrating today!! The first set of LAMDA exam results are in and they are AMAZING (of course!)...

Our highest score for the first day of exams was 96%!!!

So far:

Junior Theatre Co:
Musical Theatre Grade 3 - Annie - DISTINCTION
Musical Theatre Grade 5 - Annie - DISTINCTION
Group Acting Grade 3 - James and the giant Peach - HIGH PASS
Group Acting Grade 5 - Second Person - HIGH PASS
Group Acting Grade 5 - Light Burns Blue - MERIT

Adult Acting:
Group Acting Grade 5 - DISTINCTION!

MEDUSA Young Company 

Group Acting Grade 5 - Posh 2 - MERIT

Group Musical Theatre Grade 7 - DISTINCTION

Group Acting Grade 5 - Posh 1 - DISTINCTION

SOLO/DUO We had 20 entries for a Solo or Duo on 9th.. The results are outstanding..100% pass, 5 with MERIT and 14 with DISTINCTION!!! This means those who took a grade 6 or above have some really valuable extra UCAS points! Our highest score of the day goes to Lauren Hutchings, Medusa Grad and now mature student (with a teeny baby!) who got 96% and a well deserved Distinction :-) As soon as everyone has had an email with their own results - we will release more :-) Really well done everyone - looking for an envelope in the post now with results from 16th! ...the staff have seen all the results and are off for champagne tonight though!

Stephen Harrison