Manic Mondays - massive success!

Our free summer schools - 'Manic Mondays' were a huge success! With almost 600 young people joining us for Junior Theatre Company tasters, Hip Hop. Stunt Cheer and Les Miserables workshops! 

We met some amazing new talent, and as a result of the 8-10's dance try outs, we even have two brand new Youth division dance teams - Artemis Xtreme Cheer and Phoenix Stars

We will be fundraising to offer free provision again as soon as we can.

If you are aged 13-19, put February half term in the diary - we will be running National Theatre Connections again and partnering with a college to offer free places on that project

If you have or know a company who would like to sponsor free holiday workshops for up to 800 young people - please ask them to get in touch!

Stephen Harrison