Disney 2016 - some more info

DISNEY  2016! 

Update Nov - we have postponed to Halloween 2016! 

Join us for Disney World 2016! Rehearsals in Bracknell followed by a performance, workshop and a LOT of fun in Florida! 

We invite a cast of 21 performers* aged 7-22 to join us!

We went to Disney and performed in 2014 - and it was a hit! We have actually reduced numbers this time so students get even more tutor time and stage time - and if family and friends want to come and support we can pass on discounted park tickets - but they do need to book their own flights and rooms. in 2014 we had over 30 family members come and support the show and use the time as a family holiday - so why not join us!!

For 2016 - we will be taking a cast of 21 performers aged 7-22 and 10 chaperones/staff. 

We have performer flights and chaperone DIRECT flights reserved with Virgin (prices below). 


We are planning for roughly 70 hours of weekly rehearsals (sundays), followed by a full week in Disney. 

When we are at DisneyWorld - performers will do a 2 hour musical theatre workshop with Disney, and on a separate date, a 25 minute musical theatre (song and dance) showcase for the public (which will be rehearsed in the summer school). Outside these times we will be in the parks, and have various shopping excursions (see below).

Dates are;

Rehearsals - TBC - starting August 2016

Travel: Departing Saturday 22nd Oct returning Friday 28th Oct (early morning Saturday UK time)

We will perform in Disney World on 26th Oct, and have a workshop on 27th. 

This is a holiday school event - and as such you can pay with Child Care Vouchers if you get them.

We ask for a £100 flight deposit (if you are flying with the group and not with family which is also an option). There is also a room deposit of £40 payable. This will be non refundable, and paid by us directly to Virgin/Disney. EVERYTHING is being charged at cost - and we have secured reduced rates where ever we could.


Package A

Including direct flights with the group (chaperoned):

Under 15's* £1404

Over 15's    £1484

*Children aged 14 and under have a tax discount on airfares out of the Uk - they pay less for flights. 

Package B

Summer school only no flights (you will make your own way to Florida with family)

£654 pp

Fees (Flight and Summer school) will be charged as one amount (unless flights are not required) and can be split between Dec 2015 and August 2016 (9 instalments). A deposit of £100 is due immediately (per person) for flights. This is paid to the airline and is non-refundable. 

We will be holding three fundraising events - where students can help their parents with costs (a little). The first will be a party at Christmas 2015. 

Included in the summer school will be:

70 hours of local rehearsal with two directors and a musical director

  • Rooms in Disney World (three performers and one adult chaperone per room) in oneof the 'All Star' resorts

  • Multi park ticket (all 4 Disney parks and water parks, mini golf, Downtown Disney) valid for 6 days

  • Transport to and from hotel/airport in Florida.

  • Refillable souvenir resort mug. This allows performers unlimited hot and cold drinks 18 hours a day from the hotel restaurant.

  • Transport around the parks/Disney.

  • Workshop with Disney in Epcot

  • Private bus to take performers backstage at the Downtown Disney area (main stage on the waterfront)

  • 25 Minute public performance at Disney

  • Costumes

  • Souvenir tee shirt and bag

  • DVD and photo disc

  • Shopping trip to Walmart Supercentre (Minibus)

  • Shopping trip to the Premium Outlet mall (Minibus)

  • DIrect flights (if selected)

Not included

  • Travel to and from Gatwick

  • Travel Insurance (£14-20 - we can suggest a good person)

  • ESTA Visa (£11 - we can provide a link to the official site so people aren’t ripped off by agencies!)

  • Food - budget $25 a day to eat well. Parents can buy pre-paid vouchers from Disney if required. Or give money to their child’s chaperone to give out daily.

  • Spending money - at your discretion - as little as $100, or whatever you deem reasonable!

We won't be arranging flights for accompanying families/friends - but we can offer the discounted park tickets we get, and we can book rooms with our own at student rates (whole rooms only, we can arrange room shares for guests). 

The hotel room is included in the kids package and is not discountable (if student chooses to stay in a parents room) as we have to split the cost evenly between the performers. 

We MAY have space for additional chaperones (if those who have already asked can't go) - if you were happy to look after 2 other children with you in a room together (plus your own!), let us know, there are benefits! 

The oldest performer can be 22 - the youngest 7 at the time of the show. 


Bookings will be accepted inthe order they are received, and deposits are due by cheque. A waiting list will be put in place if we are over subscribed. If a participant has to withdraw once the trip is confirmed and deposits placed, we will endevour to fill their place, however this is not guarenteed and the full fee for summer school (£654) will still be payable unless a substitue student is found. Flights can be cancelled up to 6 weeks in advance of the trip - flight deposits are non refundable by the airlines. A minimum of 25 cast members are needed to go ahead with the event. Cheques for deposits will not be cashed unitl the full cast of 21 is confirmed. Please do not book any additional family supporting flights etc until a letter confirming the full cast is sent to you. If we have fewer than 25 confirmed cast members - we will/may have to postpone the trip.

Stephen Harrison