Perform at Disney World Florida in 2020

At Artemis Studios we LOVE Disney! So much so that since 2014, we have been taking groups of performers aged 9-22 to perform and take workshops at Walt Disney World in Florida.

As a member of one of our casts, you will rehearse very intensely for a solid week, followed by six Sunday rehearsals.

We fly directly from Gatwick to Orlando International together and then hop on a Disney bus to the Pop Century Resort (which is an official Disney hotel)!

We stay a full 7 nights, and in that time we will perform a 25 minute musical theatre showcase in Disney World, take two workshops with Disney directors, and of course enjoy the parks and shopping!

Get Involved

So you think you are ready to perform at Disney with Artemis?

Firstly you need to audition. If you are under 18, you will need parents permission, and they will need to accompany you to audition.

Head over to our dedicated Disney trip website, for full details and how to apply: