Free Musical Theatre Summer Schools

Fully funded 3 week courses for 16-19's

Visit our new college website for full info! Throughout the summer holidays we offer a choice of two FREE muscial theatre courses for performers aged 16-18 years. Depending on age and experience, students undertake a Level 2 or Level 3 qualification in Performing Arts. This is a fully funded course and enables the participants to perform in a full length juke-box musical theatre performance of Les Miserables extracts, along with other shows. This is a very rewarding experience but does require commitment, energy and passion from any young people wanting to take part. There is a large amount of work involved to achieve these qualifications and required standards of performance in such a short space of time. This year the courses run from Wednesday 1st August - Sunday 19th August.

Free Musical Theatre Summer Schools

Class Fees
Payable termly. Split payments available.
Credit cards & childcare vouchers accepted.
£0.00 per term
£0.00 per week (40.00 hours)
That's only£0.00 per hour


Students will study towards becoming Triple Threat performers: acting, singing, dancing and musical theatre and theatre craft, building towards a live performance for the public, as well as qualifications at Level 2 or 3 (age and experience will depend which).  

They will build a foundation in all these areas and develop a practical and theoretical understanding, as well as developing their own skills and techniques. They will apply these skills to performances, focusing on the integration of all disciplines. 

Those who wish can also apply to be part of our Disney world trip later in 2019 (2018 is now full - sorry!), where they can apply skills and routines learnt to a public performance in the USA* (note - Disney 2019 is a separate course and fees will apply). 

Visit our new college website for full info!


In depth

This is a fully funded (FREE) opportunity for capable and committed young people aged 16-18 years. We offer subsidised opportunities for students 19 years of age and above.
From 1st August - 18th August, young people aged 16-18 years can undertake an RSL Certificate qualification in Creative and Performing Arts in three weeks (full time), or a Trinity or LAMDA qualification (part time). 

Aug 1st - Aug 18th 2018
Excludes bank holidays.

Full time cast;
Monday - Saturday, 10am-6.30pm - longer days for show weeks.
Part time cast:
Thursdays and Fridays, 

Show/exams: Saturday 18th August

Who teaches?
All our tutors are qualified and exciting industry professionals. Real directors, actors, choreographers and events managers. 

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We will hold all the core classes at Whitegrove Youth and Community Centre, in Bracknell.

Shows and trips are held in Bracknell and London.

The Qualifications
Full time cast;

RSL Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts Level 2 
RSL Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts Level 3

Part time cast:

Trinity OR LAMDA awards (duos) at Grade 7 or 8 depending on experience.
As a group you will also work towards a full length jukebox show to be performed for the public and directed by members of  Omni Theatre and Events Company.


The qualifications cover the following:

An intensive training opportunity, studying aspects of Musical Theatre throughout each day. Analysing text and lyrics, exploring movment and gesture through the discovery of subtext.  At the end of the final week, all students perform a musical in a theatre.

Explore text, character and relationships through workshops, concentrating on a contemporary play. An intense opportunity to unlock, rehearse and develop a contemporary play with relateable themes, commissioned by the National Theatre.

The qualifications will be at college/sixth form Level 2 or 3 depending on your age and experience. The qualification will give you UCAS points, the number depending on the level taken and level of pass achieved.

All full time students will travel to London the take in a West End show. Travel and tickets are funded. 

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16-18. Older students may apply, but you may have to pay a fee to participate (subsidised at £500 fulltime or £250 part time). 

This year the courses run from Wednesday 1st August - Saturday 18th August.

There are a minimum of 14 places, and a maximum of 20 available in each class (full or part time). 

If you are currently in another school or college - you can take this course in your holiday - as long as you are able to attend 100% of the course. 

If you are joining Artemis College full time in September 2018 - you can't apply for this course - sorry! 

If you are under 16 - we have a free part time summer school on 30th & 31st August. We may accept a very limited number of experienced 15 year olds onto the full time summer school. If you are 15, apply and we will put you on a waiting list for any available places. 


Visit our new college website for full info!