Artemis Elite Cheer Team

Cheerleading - Intermediate - Age 12- Adult

Stunt Cheer - traditional cheerleading with stunt work. Taught by coach Gemah Sanger, who has more than 20 years cheer experience, and is a qualified Master cheer tutor. She runs classes with tight discipline, but a lot of fun and team building. Maximum of 16 members. Stunt cheer is very gymnastic and requires skill, dedication and a desire to win!

Currently Full. Taking names for try outs for 1 space only for January 2018 (experienced gymnasts or L2/3 Cheerleaders)

Rehearsals are every Wednesday night 7.30-9.30 at Carnation Hall in Bracknell, plus one Sunday evening a month in a gym (with two additioanl sessions in June/July to prepare for the Internationals. A full schedule of the term dates and additional Sunday rehearsals for 2017/18 season will be available from the coach from July. 

Artemis Elite Cheer Team

Class Fees
Payable termly. Split payments available.
Credit cards & childcare vouchers accepted.
£180.00 per term
£15.00 per week (2.00 hours)
That's only£7.50 per hour


Try out for FREE this summer! Free Cheer workshops in August - see Manic Mondays to book! 

This level two senior squad have been working together since 2013, and are about to complete their third year competing. 

They work hard every Wednesday night with coach Gemah - who is strict and runs a tight ship - but the team love her tough love - and winning as a result! Also coaching is Artemis director Niki Robinson.

The team is co-ed - we have boys and girls. Cheer is a tough sport and dance discipline - we don't use pom poms, these dancers are athletes who train in gymnastics, stunts at height and are strong all round performers. 

This is a level 2 team - for cheerleaders with experience, or teen dancers with gymnastic backgrounds, and a good dance technique. Entry onto the team is by audition in autumn and the summer free workshops. 

We also have two smaller stunt groups who compete seaprately - a level 2 and a level 3. 


In depth

We are  large senior team - members are as old as 24 and young as 12. All are athletes who work super hard to put together fabulous routines, with stunts, gym and dance, and then take them to competitions throughout the UK

All team members audition for their place by joining in a free trial class (no prep needed). There are 16 team members (max) in any year, and we perform at festivals, competitions and public events.

We work in a light, bright studio space, with matts and safety equipment at Carnation Hall in north Bracknell. We also train on the first Sunday of each month in term time (3 sessions per term) - adding a minimun 9 additional sessions each year. In June and July, there are an additional two Sunday sessions each month to prepare for the Bournmouth internationals. 

In 2014 the team traveled to Disney World in Florida where they performed as Zombies for the Halloween celebrations! They will have the chance to return to Disney in 2018. 

Anyone offered a place on the team must be available for all competitions ( a list will be given upon an offer, or you can have a quick look at our fixtures list online). If even one member is unavailable - the whole team lose out. 


This class has a very strict uniform requirement. Students will be expected to purchase the required cheer clothing and footwear before their first class as a member. Parents will be given a list of links to suppliers (where they can purchase directly). This uniform is non-negotiable - it is worn for health and safety reasons and children who come to class without the correct clothes and shoes will not be allowed to participate as they may hurt themselves or others. Parents should budget approximately £150 for the whole uniform.

COMPETITON DATES FOR 2016/17 season (Sept - July)
These are the confirmed cheer dates for the year - there will be an additional rehearsal on the Sunday before each (times and locations will vary according to the venue).   
1. BCA Schools regionals June  - Brighton (exact dates tbc by organisers)

2. Future Cheer Nationals -  July - Bournemouth      TEAM CONTRACT

There is a team contract - which all athletes must sign. It outlines that you are in the team to compete - holidays are not an acceptable reason not to compete as the dates are out a year in advance. It also outlines expected behavious for team members. 


Weekday rehearsals are in Carnation Hall, Chavey Down, north Bracknell. 

Sunday rehearsals - Redam Gym at the former Bearwood College in Wokingham. First Sunday in each month term time.