Artemis has a growing cheer program - with it’s own website!

We are ambitious and competitive! We have a growing number of teams and stunt squads and in 2019 won 10 top three titles including National and Regional Champions for co-ed L2 and L4 stunt!

Our athletes are aged 8-28. They train in gym and dance. Weekly session are in halls in Bracknell, and once a month we do intense gym skills workshops at Pinewood Gym.

All the teams offer a two week try out. To compete you need to pass the try out and have a productive place on the team. the teams have a maximum of 2 probationer places - for athletes who are missing a core skill (such as handsprings at level 2) and can’t compete yet - but who train with the teams until they are ready to hit the competition floor.

Get Involved

To apply to join one of the squads or teams for the 2020 season - visit our dedicated team website for more information. Teams for 2020 are:

Junior L1 (8-14) Artemis Xtreme

Senior L1 (14-adult) Artemis Supreme

Senior L2 (12-adult) Artemis Elite

3 Junior L1 Stunt teams

6 Senior L1 -4 Stunt teams (inc National Champs the Artemis Bees and Artemis Jags)


We are always looking for additional experienced gym and cheer coaches. Our program is growing and we will add teams with instructors! You need a gym or cheer qualification to a minimum of L2. We have paid positions for senior instructors, and voluntary trainee roles for newer teachers who woluld like us to get them qualified.