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WIndsor Globe 2013 looking for child actor

Child, male, 9-12

1 Sep 2014 to 2 Sep 2014
How to apply: 

The Windsor Globe is looking for a special child actor for Richard III. They have already cast one boy, who is a small 13. We are looking for a second boy, aged 9-12, who looks young. You will both appear in a scene all by yourselves as the young princes who are murdered, in front of the public in a professional show. You need to be able to remember lines, and deliver Shakespeare clearly and well. You will work with the director Bart Lee in private rehearsals before the show (at Artemis Studios), and then be free for a week of evening rehearsals in the Windsor venue. Shows run from 28th July -4th August inclusive, so you need to be free every day/evening as required. Parents must be comfortable with the subject matter of the play - it is a tragedy and quite dark! It is an Arts Council backed production, with a superb adult cast, and a great chance for a young actor to showcase his skills! If you are interested, email niki@windsorglobe.co.uk