Artemis Agency

Artemis Agency is independant of the school and was started in 2007 initially for child actors in Berkshire, UK. We expanded to meet demand and included adults in 2008 and now represent a hand picked number of reliable, talented people aged 4-70.

All our actors aged 18 or over must be experienced, professionally trained (diploma/degree) and on Spotlight. Our under 18’s are all in training and have supportive flexible parents.

Paul Weber of MGM said of our clients "This group of young actors are as good, if not better, than their counterparts in the States. I was very impressed with the levels of committment"

FIRERAISERS have found the Artemis students to be unusually talented, disciplined and focus'd and the organisation an invaluable support in our production of THINGS THAT GO BUMP. We hope another opportunity will present itself for us to work together again.
Paul Jepson - Fireraisers Theatre Company/ RADA director

All agency clients must not only be talented, but they and their parents (if they are under 18) must first understand the commitment required to work professionally in the industry.

The agency do not believe in charging book fees or similar to performers. The only cost the actor will incur is the commission for work undertaken, and even this is on a sliding scale to ensure every child or young adult is paid fairly for their work. Performers must provide their own photos, but a local photographer can be provided at very low cost if you don't already have a head shot or portfolio. We strongly reccomend Alex Harvey-Brown at Savannah Photographic.

Entry into the Spotlight directory is required for all new clients – the fee (paid directly to Spotlight) is £98 per year for performers up to 21 years old. See for more info on this tool.

In addition to current students, we also represent a select number of other clients (both children and adults). We take on new clients based either on an audition, a recommendation, or both. If you would like more information about joining the agency, or if you are a casting professional who would like us to provide you with submissions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Artemis provide complementary licensing services and casting facilities to clients, and can also supply chaperones for any production company who require one at very reasonable rates.

The Artemis Agency has a dedicated website available for casting professionals to view. 

Our books are limited to 40 performers in total so that we may offer a personal service.

Please apply to the agency directly (not to the school please  - we are a separate company!) by emailing a CV and headshot: