Freya and Francesca embark on Oedipus theatre tour!
[inline:oedipus-fran-freya.jpg]Congratulations to Francesca Deacon (8) and Freya Harris (10) who are about to embark on their first professional theatre tour! The girls were picked by the Artemis agency team, and the show director (and Artemis teacher) Bart Lee to join the Oedipus cast as the daughters of the title role
Richard Marsland is The Lord Commander!
[inline:Richard Marsland HS.jpg]Congratulations to Richard Marsland, 18, who beat of adult competition to gain his first professional voice over job in January. Richard impressed casting directors at Outsource Media and was cast as several characters in 'World Shift' a brand new American RPG computer game.
Dancing Bradley beats records
[inline:ASH_0053-web.jpg]A huge congratulations to Bradley Clapson, who is both an Artemis student and assistant. Brad has been working with Artemis Director Niki since he was 10. Brad is currently in his final year at the B.R.I.T school, a full time performing arts school in London, (Artemis director Niki was in the Founding year and is proud that so many of our students are following in her footsteps!). He wowed 'Pontins' casting team with his dance earlier this year and was offered a summer job, much to his delight.
A Winters Tale
[inline:Winter's_Tale_Flyer.jpg]Well done to Maria Gunning, Josh Poole, Max Puplett, Richard Marsland and Artemis co-director Stephen Harrison who have all been cast in lead roles and Verity Richards, Brad Clapson and Danica Kozlik who will be dancing and singing in 'A Winters Tale', which opened this April at South Hill Park.
The Sun is shining
[inline:the-sun-newspaper.png]Congratulations to Francesca and Christian Deacon who were cast in a summer campaign for The Sun newspaper earlier this year. Both children did a remarkable job (Christian was ill so he taped his audition and still won the job!). Both our agency and their parents were very proud.
Victorian splendour
[inline:DSCN0284-web.jpg]Six of our lovely models, Josh Poole, Josh Vince, Lauren Tull, Josie Stanton, Maria Gunning took to the streets in November to promote Bracknell's Christmas programme. The youngsters were all dressed in Victorian clothing, and posed with county shire horses Bracken and Bramble. See the press coverage section for the whole story and pictures.
Aladdin at South Hill Park
[inline:203_aladdin_203x152.jpg]Congratulations to Josh Poole, Maria Gunning and Stephanie Still still who have all won speaking parts in this years big panto at South Hill Park. The students will be singing and dancing their way into New Year as Street Rats, one of the 40 thieves (Josh) and Princesses (Maria and Stephanie).
Butterfly Tattoo - soggy actors!
[inline:buterfly tattoo.jpg]Well done to Scarlett Windle, Alex Harvey Brown, Maria Gunning, Bonnie Trevellyan, Emma Chapman, and Daniella Batista who braved the awful weather (it rained non stop!) to film the outdoor party scenes for the feature film 'Butterfly Tattoo'. Many other cast members wanted to wrap early, but this hardy bunch insisted on seeing it through to the end!
Summer modelling fun
[inline:bracknell coverage.jpg]The Artemis agency began with a bang this summer. Several students took part in a fashion shoot - and by all accounts a good time was had by all. Striking a pose for the camera, the students aged 3 months (Alfie - son of our music teacher Juliana) through to 17 modelled for companies including Bentalls designer brands, Woolworths, Millets, Claires Accessories & Mothercare.
Head of MGM Studios casting comes to Artemis!
[inline:MGM_logo.jpg]Following the success earlier this year of the cold reading workshop with UK casting director Sue Jones, Paul Weber, Head of Casting, MGM Worldwide, taught a TV/Film Auditioning Technique Workshop Intensive Class at Artemis Studios, one of UK’s most progressive acting schools and resource centre for actors, singers & dancers On Sunday 2nd September. Never before has this opportunity been given to UK Actors! Is Hollywood coming to the United Kingdom? Should UK actors move to Los Angeles or New York?