Want validation for all your hard work and training each year? Going to Uni soon and need extra UCAS? We offer group, solo and duo exams - all within our Saturday theatre companies. Members of Medusa, our teen company even get one-to-one training included in their normal fees! We have fantastic results with 100% Merit and Distinctions for group exams, and a 100% pass rate for all! 

L.A.M.D.A exams 2017
Saturday 9th December

L.A.M.D.A 2017

This year our annual L.A.M.D.A exams in Musical Theatre and Acting will be held on Saturday 9th December. This has been confirmed by L.A.M.D.A.

A full timetable will be confirmed at the start of the term, but the day will run as follows;

All Junior Theatre Company submissions (Group and Duo) 10am-12pm


All Medusa Theatre Company submissions (Group, Solo and Duo) 1pm-4pm

All Adult Acting and private students 4pm-5pm. 

Annual Exams
Annual Exams in Dance, Acting and Musical Theatre
18 Jul 2015 Garth Hill College

Annual exams in Acting, Musical Theatre and Dance for all our students. Includes group exams, solos and duos and is an excellent way of validating the great progress made each year! 

We have a splendid record in LAMDA, with most students gaining at least one Distinction every year. Our older students use the exams to add UCAS points to university applications. 

Exams will be held across a weekend to accomodate all students (100's of submission), individual learners will be scheduled nearer the time (subject to which exams they are taking).