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Monday, 26 October, 2015

Join Artemis for FREE (yes really truly FREE!) performing arts workshops this October Half Term!

These workshops are open to absolutely everyone - not just Artemis students! 

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We are Ofsted registered, and all our teaching staff are highly qualified. All staff, including support staff, are DBS checked and first aiders always on hand. We create a safe, fun environment to learn and gain skills and confidence! 

On Monday 26th October we will be at Birch Hill Community Centre in Bracknell, with Acting, Singing, Dancing, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop and Cheerleading. Everyone is welcome (subject to age and ability in each class), and there is no catch - come, have fun, come back a few times - enjoy! We offer classes and companies in acting, dance and music during term times - but you do not have to be in one, or join one, to attend these free workshops! 

There will be a cafe on site for parents who want to wait - this is run by a local charity and sells hot and cold drinks, sweets, cakes and general refreshments. Participants can;t take food into class, but they are welcome to bring food/drink or purchase onthe day and eat in the cafe area inbetween sessions. 

Outline of the workshops:

Hip Hop - with Artemis Phoenix Starz  9.30am-10.15am

Ages 7-12

We have two award winning Hip Hop Companies - Artemis Phoenix JV (Juniors) and Phoenix Seniors. JV's have been National Champions for the past three years, with the seniors Grand Champions and high places in various comps. 

Take a free workshop with 'Phoenix Starz' - our newest and youngest company (aged 7-12) for fast paced urban Street and Hip Hop routines. If you want to try out for a real place in their company - let us know at the start of class. 

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Cheerleading - ARTEMIS XTREME  10.15am-11.00am

Ages 7-12 

Join 'Artemis Xtreme' and try your hand at cheerleading. A blend of gymnastics and dance, it is high energy, fast paced and will give you a great workout. Matts are provided and this beginners classes (7-12) will look at some cheer basics, gym, and low level stunts. 

If you would like to considered for a place on our current youth team, let the coach know at the start of class! 

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Artemis Junior Theatre Company  11.00am - 1.30pm

Ages 5-14 (split into three age groups on the day). 

Musical Theatre - singing and dance (this holiday we will look at 'Little People' from Les Mis). Learn songs and routines with our lovely staff!

Acting - try your hand at solos, duos and group work. Look at scenes, try devising and work on technique and confidence! 

This class is split into three age groups, who will spend an hour on each music, dance and acting.

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Monday 26th October

  • 9.30am - 10.15am  Artemis Phoenix Starz Hip Hop - Age 7 - 12
  • 10.15am - 11.00am  Artemis Xtreme - Beginners Cheerleading - Age 7-12
  • 11.00am - 1.30pm: Artemis Junior Theetre Company - Ages 5-14 
  • Anyone aged under 16 at the time of the workshops will need a parent or guardian to sign them in. They will also be asked to sign a form authorising participation (as these are physical activities).
  • If you are not accompanying your child (for example a 14 year old who is walking in or getting the bus), we will need you to complete the authorization form in advance. For insurance reasons, we can't allow anyone to participate who has not completed this as it make us aware of medical, physical or other issues we need to be mindful of. 
  • All actors and dancers should wear suitable clothing for the classes. Socks may not be worn instead of shoes - this is dangerous on wooden floors and you can slip - if you do not have dance shoes, wear plimsoles or other soft shoes with grip. 
  • If you are attending for the day - please bring food and drink - our chaperones will not be able to leave the building to go to the shops with you. We prefer any pre-teens not to leave in between classes unless it is with a parent. 
  • We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullies. If anyone makes anyone else upset or threatened, they will be removed at once. Being rude, disruptive or breaking property will also not be tolerated.
  • The school do not allow smoking on the premises. 
  • We are an inclusive school - if you have a physical challenge, let us know! We have access to lifts for wheelchair users, and both the Theatre Company classes can accommodate different needs. As long as a student can be autonomous (without a parent/carer on hand) they should be fine to take part.