Adult Acting - Apollo Community Theatre Company

Acting classes for ages 20+

This is a community company with a difference! A blend of ages and abilites, the class tutor Becky, who is a qualified and very experienced Drama teacher (who has worked for companies including the Guildford School of Acting and trained under the Jim Henson studios!) puts the adults through their paces.

Beginners and less confident members will soon feel at home, and be helped and mentored by more experienced actors. Company members take annual group LAMDA exams - in 2016 they scored an impressive 97% and all gained Distinctions!

The company work on technique, and produce a variety of small shows and productions, as well as being encouraged to take part in bigger projects in local theatres. 

Adult Acting - Apollo Community Theatre Company

Class Fees
Payable termly. Split payments available.
Credit cards & childcare vouchers accepted.
£120.00 per term
£10.00 per week (1.50 hours)
That's only£6.67 per hour


OPEN DAY/TRIAL for 2017/2018 new season!

We are inviting everyone who has expressed an interest in our adult acting class to come along for a free trial  8.10pm-9.40pm. Term dates can be found here.

Class location - Birch Hill Community Centre, Leppington, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 7WW (next to the Aldi supermarket). The new venue gives us exclusive use, and a free car park, as well as a kitchen for tea and coffee :-)

The adult acting company recently took a group LAMDA acting exam and scored a massive 97%! Everyone gained a Distinction (and certificate!). These are real qualifications, and some employers pay the (small) exam fees as CPD. A lovely bonus! 

In 2015 half of the members also took part in ‘Bums on Seats’ in July at the Windsor Globe Theatre (who were at South Hill Park for the summer), and in 2016 in Ben Hur at the Hexagon in Reading as part of a communtiy production. We will continue to seek out opportunities for members to show off their new (or polished) skills in other settings this year. In 2018 members will have the chance to work on an outdoor Shakespeare performance alongside professional actors.

We have four places spare in the class for the new term.  Tutor Becky will be looking helping the cast select work for group and duo LAMDA exams (taken in December). There will also be a chance to show of the work in our theatre showcase on Sunday 10th December - family and friends can come and see Apollo shine! 

In depth

The adult actors are all aged 20+ - and represent a real variety of ages, backgrounds and experience on and off stage! 

Weekly class

The group meet weekly for and hour and a half. There are three school terms a year - so a total of 36 weeks practice each acadademic year. 

They work on a variety of techniques - and cater to most abilites. The class is suited to quieter new actors who want to gain confidence without being thrown in at the deep end - but also experience community actors who have appeared in many shows (and in some cases TV commercials), but who want to finesse what they do. 

Each year the group work towards group LAMDA exams - with fantastic results. The group exams are a shared responsibility, so there is not too much pressure. Duo exams are also available for more confident actors who have the time to rehearse outside class. 


In winter Artemis have an annual showcase- often the adult company will produce a 15-20 minute one-act play for this event (depending on the material!). If they are working on material which isn't family friendly, they will have a chance to showcase this privately for family and friends.

In addition to the annual showcase - we help and encourage members to take part in local community productions, and in some cases find them paid work performing. Each summer - around 50% of the company will appear in a large community show. This gives the company members a choice about how much time they can dedicate to their hobby (some prefer to stick to the class each week, others are happy to give up Sundays for show rehearsals). It also allows members a chance to work with a variety of practitioners in different settings - indoor and outdoor venues, sizes and types of shows. We can help you do as much, or as little, as you are comfortable with! 


We are a friendly, small group (usually between 10 and 12 members) and we support and welcome new members. Members have a Facebook group online run by tutor Becky, and often meet outside of class for meals and theatre trips. This is a good place to make great friends of all ages and backgrounds!