Full Time Courses

New for 2018 - Artemis, in association with a large London school, now offers a free Foundation Short Course (one day a week) and a FULL TIME sixth form! The short course starts in late January 2018, and is held once a week at South Hill Park Arts Centre. The full time course starts in September 2018! Both courses are fully funded (free) if you are aged 16-19 and not studying elsewhere. Both courses also include optional enrichment with our part time courses - all FREE for sixth form students!

Full time Sixth Form - new for 2018!
Free fully funded full time college course

More information to follow - FREE full time performing arts course for ages 16-19. U.A.L Level 2 & 3 qualifications (equivilent to 3 A Levels at Level 3). Starts September 2018 - classes held at South Hill Park Arts Centre - immersive yourself in performing and visual arts! Taught by qualified tutors, industry speicalists and guests. Work experience (producing, events management and performing) with REAL theatres companies, events management, and in theatres!

Foundation Short Course - Sixth Form
A FREE one day a week course for 16-19 years

Accredited gap - year and vocational prep performing arts training for actors and musical theatre performers aged 16-19. Totally FREE* (funded), and presented in partnership with a leading London school. This SHORT course runs one day a week (Wednesdays) for two terms (20 weeks), class starts in late January 2018, and is at South Hill Park Arts Centre - an immersive arts space for young people who are keen to polish their skills!